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Shifting to Hybrid Mode

Starting immediately, we will be shifting into the online hybrid mode for this course. This means Friday’s class will be conducted online and that pattern will continue for the foreseeable future. A couple of things to remember: Information for each … Continue reading

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Wednesday, September 21

We began today with a brief lecture on improving thesis statements which will be useful when revising your formal definition papers, but also for future argumentative and persuasive forms of communication. Then, as a class, you worked through a peer … Continue reading

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Millennial Perspectives on Gender Roles

Winograd, Morley, and Hais, Michael D. “Race? No, Millennials Care Most About Gender Equality.” The Atlantic, 25 October 2013, http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2013/10/race-no-millennials-care-most-about-gender-equality/430305/. Accessed 18 September 2016. In this article, Winograd and Hais discuss how the millennial perspectives on gender roles differ from … Continue reading

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