Wednesday, September 7

Library Research Day! Unfortunately the humanities librarian, Karen Viars was unexpectedly unavailable, so Seth Porter (8:05am section) and Liz Holdsworth (10:05am and 11:05am sections) filled in for her.

One of the major things we looked at today was the Library Research Guide put together by Karen Viars, the humanities librarian here at Tech.

To access this library guide, first visit the front page of the library and find the link on the left side of the page for the Research Guides

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 8.23.37 AM


Once in the research guide page, locate the section for Literature, Media and Communication.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 8.24.26 AM

Click on this link and a list of courses will appear: select our course “ENGL1101 Fall 2016 – Coming of Age in the 21st Century – Dr. Fitzsimmons.

This subject guide will walk you through the basics on how to locate sources in the Georgia Tech library’s resources, such as using databases to find articles (both peer reviewed as well as non-scholarly but reputable sources), locating statistics for fact-checking, and locating books.

All of this information in this be useful in locating reliable resources for any of your assignments in this course (as well as any other course or project that requires research). There is a specific page built into this guide on fact-checking that will be especially useful when it comes time to research and fact-check an editorial for your Editorial Response.

Today, we talked through how to use a database to locate peer-reviewed research, using keyword search terms to locate similar articles, how to use statistics resources to fact check articles or politicians, and how to locate and order books through the new off-campus library storage facility.

We also talked specifically about the process of peer-review, how using peer-reviewed sources can help you improve your ethos and ensure you are citing reliable expert-reviewed information, and how to narrow your searches in the Georgia Tech databases to search only peer-reviewed journals and resources.

If you have any questions about the library resources or if you feel you are hitting a wall in your research, please plan to reach out to Karen or to visit the library research desk. The librarians are here and ready to help you with your projects (though the more time you allow for them to help, the more effective they can be- don’t wait until the last minute!)

Homework for Friday, September 9:

  1. Read WOVENText Chapter 15, pages 580-502 on Researched Arguments.
  2. Listen to the Backstory Podcast on “Young Americans: History of Childhood” (the link is available in TSquare Resources)
  3. Read Rejuvenile “Prologue” and “Chapter 3.” The PDF is available in TSquare Resources
  4. Post Blog Post 1 no later than 11:55pm tonight
  5. Complete Blog Discussion Posts by writing two, 150-200 words responses to posts made by your classmates (remember to use the section specific tabs at the top of the blog!) Blog discussion posts are due at 11:55pm on Friday.

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