Adulting- Lifelong attempt

The age of  18 has always been the boundary between teenage and adulthood for most people. As teenagers reached the age of 18, they can vote, live alone and even marry with the one they love. Countless numbers of rights are given to people by the day they turn 18. To look in a extreme way, 18 means no limitations from parents. People can do whatever they want to. As Skid Row sings in their song 18 and life:”Adventure, Tequila, shooting, crime.”


There’re people that go wild and crazy once they are given these “freedoms”. However, being an adult is not simply gaining a lot of benefits by the morning we woke up and turned 18. The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition for adult is ” fully grown and developed”. I believe that the development is the process of one striving hard for a better life, which takes one’s lifetime to achieve.

In our infancy, we cry and get everything we want without any effort. When we are hungry, we cry to have our parents to feed us. When we are curious about new toys, we cry to have our parents buy that. When we are sleepless in the night, we cry to have our parents get off beds to take care of us. Almost everything is self-centered. There is no need to pay for what we want and no need to care about other people. As we go to kindergartens and elementary schools, we begin to know that we can’t be so selfish because if so no other kids will play with us any more. We realize that the selfish behavior we used to have is inappropriate and thus attempt to improve ourselves to be a sociable person. This is a great step in our attempt of adulting.


In our twenties, we may feel an urge to study hard and work hard and set an career goal. That is an effort to become a better person. In our thirties, we may feel like spending more time with family members. The is an realization to cherish the ones we love. In our forties, we may start to work out to try to stay healthy. That is an attempt to live a better life. Through these realizations and achievements, we perfect ourselves to become a better person. And these attempts and efforts, are what I define adulting as.


Skid Row “18 and life”


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  1. Bryce Matlock says:

    While reading through your post, I have to say that I agree with a lot of your points. I also wrote mine with a focus on turning 18, but I felt that one thing that could add to your argument is that at the age of 18 or really any age where you move out and start living for yourself can be a very important turning point in finally becoming an adult. This is very important, because as you mentioned all our life we seem to cry and depend on our parents, but when you move out of your home and your parents’ shelter you have to start depending on and living for yourself. I was drawn to your post because of the title, “Adulting- Lifelong Attempt”. I also agree that it is a lifelong attempt and is never over, but that is why I also said that adulting was not the process of becoming an adult, because if you think about it you don’t spend your entire life trying to become an adult. I feel that adulting is actually the process of adjusting to new pains and new struggles that comes along with being an adult.

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