Visual Ties to Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Saleh)

This image holds many ties to Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, all evoking different memories and concepts in my mind taken from movies, novels, and stories passed down. I think it is safe to say almost everyone can envision a stereotypical pirate’s ship, floating across the sea, preying on innocent fleets on the water. As far as my generation goes, most of us subconsciously recall such images from our youth when Pirates of the Caribbean first began. In fact, the title of the movie was exactly what I typed into Google images. The first correlation I made to Coleridge’s work was with The Pirates of the Caribbean because of the “living dead” aspect of the crew (after the curse fell upon them). Similarly to the crew in The Pirates of the Caribbean, the Mariner’s crew fell victim to the Albatross’ curse by justifying their wrongs with illogical reasoning. In the movies case, the pirates justified their greed for immortality, ignoring the downside of the curse brought upon them by moonlight and slavery to the ship. The Mariner’s crew similarly justified the blood on the Mariner’s hands by attributing the good weather with the bird’s death, saying, ” ‘Twas right, said they, such birds to slay” (101). Of course, now being accomplices in the heinous crime, the crew had their lives taken from them by “Death” herself (188). The only movement their corpses ever see again is the swaying of the ship and their possession, moving their “limbs like lifeless tools” (340). The Mariner, however, receives a different form of the curse, bringing the “dead man’s eye” into his possession (261). Just like Jack Sparrow, the Mariner seems to be plagued with a different form of the curse that has the potential to be lifted: this is the author’s/producer’s foreshadowing of the goodness found in the heart of the protagonist. This leads into the second connection found between the image above and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. As I observed the majesty of the water and sharks in the image, my admiration for these beasts reminded me of the similar affection the Mariner found for the water-snakes surrounding his ship. “A spring of love” for these snakes and their beauty allowed the Mariner’s depressing curse a chance to be lifted (285). What I find so compelling about the Mariner’s story is that he takes a scenario that seems unconquerable and preaches about the grace and mercy he was shown; and how he was allowed to live, but under the condition that he spreads his message of wisdom, love, and thanks to everyone that his eye catches. Even after seeing Death herself, the Mariner was given hope and the opportunity to express the love given to him by God, who “made and loveth all” (618). As for the rest of the crew, sadly to say their luck ran out: resting at the bottom of the sea as portrayed above. The innocence of an albatross and the shedding of it’s pure blood taught us a strong message of love after all.

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A Visual Representation of “The Rime of Ancient Mariner”

The image is screenshot from movie Triangle and it depicts the sea right before the storm came. The man in the frame appears to be minute compared with those angrily surging upcoming flows. I think it shows how the nature is both divine and daunting, which is one of the main ideas of The Rime Of The Ancient.

The old mariner suffered from all the punishments including being tortured from inclement weather and haunted by his friends’ souls because he “shot the albatross”, which is loved by a spirit and is part of the sea. The old mariner had to be punished because he defied the creatures on the sea, and that is unbearable to the divine sea. The little bird might not be significant enough to cause a severe damage to the sea if it dies. However, respecting the sea means that every single creature is loved and protected and not harmed. The old mariner was merely unfortunate enough to lose his conscience to shoot the albatross. But no matter how minute the mistake is, he had to be punished because the sanctity of sea has to be intact.

In the ballad, it also shows how weak human’s power can be compared with the daunting power the nature owns. Right after the older mariner shot the albatross, all his shipmates are capable of doing is punishing him by hanging the dead albatross around his neck. However, nothing changed much and they still have to suffer from the weather. People are fairly small when facing the gigantic, endless sea. Even a small wave could just swallow a person up and make him disappear from the world forever. Another reason why nature is so daunting is that humans have no control over anything in the nature. They can’t control when the storm is coming, when they are going to reach the land, or even when they are going to die. The older mariner and his shipmates were “Stuck, not breath nor motion, as idle as a painted ship, upon a painted ocean”, with themselves capable of doing nothing but being scared and screaming ”O Christ”.

Another thing depicted in the poem that relates me to the specific scene of Triangle is the ocean’s unpredictability. During this second, it can be all silent and calm, with “the fair breeze” blowing, and “the white foam” flowing, while in the next second, “down dropt the wind, the sails dropt down”, and the ocean suddenly became dead and scarily calm. The old mariners and his shipmates could not do anything but suffer from “utter drought” and endless fear. The change was so fast and dramatic that no one had time to prepare for anything. No matter how smart human beings have become and how evolved the race is right now, the daunting still dominates everything by taking control of our lives.





inform 7 review

Inform 7 is a fairly new form of design a game or narrative that you can play though that is text based without any visuals. This genre of games has been called interactive fiction, being that you can interact with these stories .Interaction fiction is something that I have never heard about until this class , but it has changed my perspectives about video games. The games of our generation have been very visual and graphic based and have become more realist than ever.  As you see what you are doing you feel like you are in the game .interactive fiction is quite different in the sense you are based primarily on text. With inform 7 games you must use your words to create the images and structures in your mind. When working with inform 7 you think you can use commands that you’re used to telling someone. You must manipulate your words to get it to do what you want, which can be very confusing. For example in our game you have to make a key card but you can’t just say “make Keycard” you have to reword it, saying “look at magnetic strip” or “examine materials”. The language is pretty hard to get used to. To make an interactive fiction is basically like making a story with your eyes closed and losing your senses. You must put your thoughts to work to still be creative. This experience has changed my prospective of games because I didn’t think you could have a fun game without having the visual and flexibility in design. Ultimately it makes you feel just a good as playing video games on a console.

Workings with my group mates made me feel little more comfortable with inform 7. Since we all brought something special to the table we were able to contribute the best way we knew how. Being the person who doesn’t know how to code it was fun creating a story line and seeing how my project member KIrthik turn it into a video game. As a group we each throw out idea and agreed to disagree ultimately once we got a clear path of what we wanted to do it was amazing. Jessica was a big factor in drawing out the map as we talked about the ways we wanted the character to go about the game. Me and Camera worked out the kinks within the story line and created the different puzzles and trait that came with the different characters. It was really cool to give the character different powers. Even though you can’t do much with the different powers there is at least one part of the game where you could use the power. After completing the game and working together I saw how the individual traits of each partner combined with each other can make for a killer interactive fiction. All in all a combination of trying something new and working with my group mate really opened my eyes to interactive fiction.

The Real Life Oasis


I found myself standing in an old video arcade, playing Galaga. The game was already in progress I had doubleships and a score of 41,780 points down and saw that my hands were on the controls. After a second or two of disorientation, I reflexively began to play, moving the joystick left just in time to avoid losing one of my ships,

Keeping one eye on the game, I tried to make sense of my surroundings. In my peripheral vison I was able to make out Dig Dug game on my left and a Zaxxon machine to my right. Behind me, I could hear a cacophony of digital combat coming from dozens of other vintage arcade games. Then, as I finished clearing the wave on Galaga, I noticed my reflection in the games screen. Ut wasn’t my avatar’s face I saw there. It was Mathew brodeerick’sit face. A young pre-Ferris Bueller and pre-ladyhawke Mathew Broderick.

Then I knew where I was, and who I was.

I was David lightman, Mathew Broderick’s character in the movie WarGames. And this was his first scene in the film.

I was in the movies.

I took a quick glance around and saw a detailed replica of 20 grand palaces. The combination arcade/pizza joint featured in the film. Kids with feathered ‘80s hairstyles were clustered around each of the game. Others sat in booths, eating pizza and drinking sodas. “Video fever” by the beepers blasted out of a jukebox in the corner. Everything looked and sounded exactly as it did in the movie. Halliday had copied every last detail from the film and re-created it as an interactive simulation.


As you work you way through the text, you realize even though this is a book which isn’t true or real, it has real true events in it. This passage talking sbout him being the character pf a movie (WarGames) which is a real movie. As I read the text I envision the design of a movie inside a video game, which reminds me of the walking dead video game and t.v series. I can see wade going about these actions as if I am playing the Walking dead. As it describes the scenery I can picture old video games such as galaga which I have played and which is very popular. I can also imagine how the 80’s teenager looked, and the scenery of a video arcade and pizza place that play music such as a chuck e cheese. As you go through the text you mas take it on like a day dream. This room that you have walked into has become something that you are use to and relate too, because of the time period we live in which has these spaces.











RetroGaming: Knowing your History

In the video game world of the 21st century games are present as close to real life as possible. Video game graphics make you feel like you’re inside of a movie. The sound effects make you feel like the sounds are actually around you. They even make the joy stick vibrate when completing different task. Just look at how for video games have come.  First video games only had an analog stich with an A and B button. The graphics were basically flashing lights and miniature shapes and the sound effects were merely beeps horns and whistles. Games in the beginning stages of game were for fun and recreational entertainment, but now these video games have become real world escapes. Gamers are so wrapped up in all the additions to original video games that we have lost sight of the games that started it all.

Think of all the classic games that are still played today. Think of Tetris, pacman, helicopter, street fighter, Sims, PGA Golf and many more. They all paved the way for games of the genre that we play now. There would be no sport games such as NBA 2k if there was no PGA Golf. Games like Pacman influenced stealth games where you must survive after part taking in certain behavior (cause and effect games). Tetris showed the gaming community how much fun we could have with shapes. Every single of one these games will have an everlasting impact on the gaming world and these games will still be played forever.

Original games have become so scarcest to the gaming population.   The Video game archive has try to keep some of these games around and playable. If it wasn’t for these people who care for classics, they would have disappeared off the side of the earth. Playing classics video games is like taking history class. You learn about what started it all and how you can improve the world. Games like Super Mario have the most of the same basic function. This game is still a best seller and widely played game. Games like the Sims who have changed over the years have gone back to its original content. And has made a tremendous comeback.

In the 2000’s era the Sims was one of the most played computer and video games. It expanded on its original graphics and control to where you could actually control people and build house the way you wanted them to look. This era of Sims was more creative and more lifelike than the original Sims game. I took a trip to the archive to play the original Sims game because I have enjoyed the newer versions of the game. The original game was so much different, not because of the objective but because of the graphics and how much you could do on the game. In this game your were still running a city but from more of a mayoral role. The player must clear roads, put hospitals, schools, playgrounds and housing area throughout the city and control budgets and taxes for jobs. You don’t have the pleasure of seeing people or having conversations like in the newer version of the game. By playing this version of the game I can see were the versions we play now branch from. This game still has the basic functions as the original game but uses it as a stepping stone to add no feature to keep up with the games around it. By recreating itself as a game it has become a classic no matter which version or era you are playing from.

One thing a lot of games can’t do is go back to its original ways; somehow the Sims has done that with its new game SimCity Build It.  It doesn’t have a set release date, but is said to be a way to look over the city like a God. It might have better graphics than the original Sims Game, but it will be the same concept, rules, and controls. It will be the original Sims with a touch interface. What better way to spice up a classic.

Classic games allow you to appreciate the creator of video games. Even though games have improved tremendously in all areas they still follow basic concepts of video games. They mostly use controller with exception to touch screen games. They have certain rules you must follow to complete different task. They have all these baselines functions. Now we have more buttons, more dimensions, more character, and more story lines. Without this original game we wouldn’t know how to expand games. If you want to create a game that will sell you must go through the games that paved the way. Who knows, you might be able to start a game of genre of games yourself.

the Walking Dead Video Game Review ENGL-1102-B6

The Walking Dead: In Review

In good video games you look for something to draw you in. something that grabs you attention from beginning to end. You want to be a part of a good narrative, good character structure, and most importantly action. Imagine you had a game that taught you in the process. Imagine a game that let you determine your story line and outcome. Imagine a game that got you emotionally attached to it. If you haven’t found what I’m talking about you’re looking in the wrong place. The walking Dead video game give you real problems, real struggles, real conversation, real decision, and real survival tactics. It has the excitement of a movie, interaction of a game, and narrative build of a book. This game is among the best ever playable stories.
Mostly everything in this game is based on you person feelings. When given decision to make in the game on what to say and what to do, you only have a certain amount of time to choose and it really isn’t much time. Whether it is to save a specific person or give food to a specific person, these choices are real world problems. This feature is different from many other games because you have more time to think which you can break down what decision might make the best game play for you. Someone people will choose to always be the nice guy or always be the mean guy on purpose, but with this short period of time you only have time to be yourself. Even though you make a choice doesn’t mean what you want will happen. You can try to save a specific person in they still may die. I find this the most intriguing part of the game and add to the realness of the game. Sometimes you may feel like you make the best decision but the outcome is still the worst. Most other games only have 1 experience: whatever you choose will happen in that exact way. This characteristic of the walking dead keeps you on your toes.
The Narrative of this game is very strong, to where people observing might think you’re watching an animated cartoon, but don’t let it fool you. The game gives normal interactions such as talking, walking, and defending yourself. With thinking of the normal interaction you can consider it a The Sims Video game on steroids. As playing the main character of Lee, you must manage everything around you, keep everybody safe and look after your beloved daughter figure Clementine. You must be smart when killing the Zombies as you would if killing the enemy in Call of Duty. In comparison to real life it teaches your survival of the smartest, and you’re only as good as your leader. Even with the many modes of gameplay the narrative never lacks.
“In video games, the possibility space refers to the myriad configurations the player might construct to see the ways the process inscribed in the system work. This is really what we do when we play video games: we explore the possibility space its rules afford by manipulating the symbolic systems the game provides. The rules do not merely create the experience of play — they also construct the meaning of the game. This is to say the gestures, experience, and interactions games rules allow (and disallow) make up the games significance. Video games represent process in the material world— war urban planning, sports, and so forth— of the rules themselves. We encounter the meaning of games by exploring their possibility spaces. And we explore their possibility space through play.” (◾“The Rhetoric of Video Games.” Ian Bogost in The Ecology of Games: Connecting Youth, Games, and Learning. Ed Katie Salen. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2008. 117-139.)
This exert from out of The Rhetoric OF Video Games by Ian Bogost explains the powerful nature of the walking dead. It uses the procedurality, or rule of the game, mixed with rhetoric of a story line to create a game that stands out amongst its peers. Within these rules of the game you must still play into the argument what is life’s survival tactics. It gives its meaning to the game. You must try and survive during this zombie apocalypse, while trying to keep everyone around you happy and safe. Within the game you must manipulate different strategies to control the outcome of the game. By combining the procedurality and its rhetoric, the Walking Dead creates a video game that expresses its concerns with people throughout the world in times of crisis and uses its processes to build a video game with a story line better than most movies, characters better than most books, and a game more complex than most games.
“Randy Schroeder suggests that when immersive media “collapse distinctions between different kinds of space” it is the game that changes the perception of the real, and that “in the world of immersive simulations the real doesn’t leak into the playworld the playworld leaks into the rest” (Schroeder “playspace Invader” 148)
The setting in the walking dead is very distinct but not pinpoint. The games travel through the course of cities, such as Atlanta, Macon, and savannah Georgia. The consistently bring it up and even in real life you must go along this path to get from Atlanta to Savannah. Telltale games give you that feel of real life setting without getting so deep into it. It adds the real life cites but doesn’t try to recreate actual landmarks. This doesn’t get it caught up in real vs virtual setting like in games such as Assassins Creed and La Noir. These 2 games have gotten praise or backlash for certain landmarks that they have thrown in the game with its correct year of establishment. The walking dead doesn’t get caught up in this because it just gives you to overview or bird’s eye view of the state of Georgia.

All in all I find The Walking Dead to be an outstanding game. Within its many modes and rule of gameplay, the freedom and self-attachment gives you a different experience with video games. It puts itself out there by allowing you to really get involved and become one with the character. It has a narrative like no other, and you get the idea of both a movie and a book within the rules of a video game. It sets itself apart from all games and has started a future for self-determined games.

the Walking Dead

Zaire O’Neil
The Walking Dead would have four outstanding features. The first would be emotional decisions, the second would be survival instinct and the third and fourth features would allow the player to make instant decisions.
The first feature will allow the player to put their actual emotions into the game. It will allow one to decide whether or not to save a specific person or give another specific person food; these are real world problems. The backlash of this feature is that though the player has the option to choose, their choice may not necessarily happen. As in everyday life, the player may make the decision to try and save an individual but that person still might not survive.
The second feature also has realism to it. This feature allows the player to creep around and kill other as a means of survival. In many parts of the world this is a reality and it’s a way to maintain peace. This will give the player the feel of an action game such as GTA but an emotional build such as the SIMS.
The third feature of the Walking Dead will allow the player to make instant decisions when given the choice. When the player thinks spontaneously he/she is given more choices than a “planned action.” Some games gives the player an opportunity to think about their choices thereby allowing the game to turn out in the players favor.
The fourth feature, by design is the best feature of the game. It is tailored to the choice of the player. When the player chooses this option, it sticks true to the choice made. The player must strategically play into this feature actually playing as their self.