Being Retired on December 16th, 2019!!!

On December 16th, 2019, the WordPress blogs server will be turned off and archived offline to protect against hackers.  Please take careful note of the following:

  • Due to the vast number of sites on this server, the college can only offer site migration assistance to current faculty.  For sites being used in Summer or Fall 2019 that will also be used beyond December 16th, 2019, we can assist with moving them to a new WordPress server.  If you have such a site and need migration assistance, please contact the college IT support team.
  • For class-oriented blogs, you may want to sign up for a site on the new IAC Classblogs server. (This site is running the same WordPress software as the old blogs.iac server, so your experience there will be familiar.)
  • Faculty are responsible for making their own copies any other sites they are not currently using but think they may need to access in the future.  Keep in mind that you can always download a backup without immediately setting it up in a new instance of WordPress.  That’s probably the safest option if you don’t need to access the site anytime soon.
  • Students (former and current) are responsible for making their own copies of any and all sites they created that they wish to keep.
  • To make your own copy of a site, please refer to the handy site export instructions written for the Professional Web Presence system.  They will also work for blogs.iac sites.
  • If you have any sites that you no longer need and which do not need to be archived, please consider deleting them.  To do this, log into the site, then look for “Delete Site” under the “Tools” section of the left-hand administrative toolbar.